GST Service

At Pramati, we provide GST services to help businesses understand and comply with GST regulations. Our team of experienced GST professionals can help you to ensure you are meeting all your GST obligations and taking advantage of GST opportunities. We can help you with all your GST needs, including:

Registration for GST: We can help you register for GST and provide advice on the best GST structure for your business.

GST Returns: We can help you complete and lodge your GST returns on time and accurately.

GST Advice: We provide advice on GST implications for business transactions, such as sales and acquisitions.

GST Audits: We can assist with GST audits to ensure compliance with GST regulations.

GST Disputes: We can help to resolve any disputes with the ATO regarding GST. Our team of GST experts can also provide advice on GST planning, including structuring businesses and transactions to optimise GST savings. We can also provide assistance with GST compliance, such as record keeping and preparing GST documentation.


At Pramati, we believe in providing the highest quality of service and ensuring our clients are completely satisfied.